Mount Bachelor Star Party
September 5 - 8, 2002
Attended by "UN Astronomers" Ken Martin and Brian Collins ("Uncle / Nephew")

Located at approximately 6,000 feet, the Mount Bachelor Star Party location
held the hope for some great dark sky viewing, and did not disappoint.
An unseasonable cold weather front was passing through the area, with partly cloudy skies
and chilly daytime temperature, and even some snow one afternoon!  However the skies
cleared at night except for one evening. Lots of dew was present though, to the extent
the telescope and accessories became completely covered with a heavy layer of moisture
which by 2 a.m. froze solid as overnight temperatures dipped into the mid-20's.
Braving the cold was worth it, as some incredible viewing was enjoyed by all.
The guest services building with its heated restrooms and hot coffee was certainly appreciated.